Don't Buy a Robotic Mower
until you research all the available options...
Why did Costco drop the Robomower? Why did Amazon drop the Robomower?
Primarily because of the level of returned units. So are Robotic mowers a bad idea? NO!!! But it is important that you and your lawn are a good fit.



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I hope to personally talk to every robotic lawnmower customer before they decide to buy. I want to assure that a Robotic mower is the right answer for you and your lawn. I'll also  help to make sure you have the accessories and answers you need to assure your satisfaction.

If I can help, call me at (913) 685-2700, but before you do, please read the rest of the site to see if it doesn't already answer your questions. If you still have questions after reading over the site, or you are just not sure if you and your lawn are good candidates, then please give me a call.

I used to be a Robomower dealer, but it was never my primary occupation. I've been a software developer for nearly 30 years and I  simply love the idea of a robotic lawn mower. This is not my job, I charge nothing and I don't sell anything.  I am loyal only to great products, not any one brand.  I will be open and candid based on my experiences and do my best to help you make the right choice. There are a lot of options that may be better fit to your needs than a RoboMower.

Once you own one, you will understand, because you too will want to tell everyone you know about the advantages, as well as the limits of robotic mowing. It is a revolution sure to endure, the only question is if now is the right time for you.

My goal is to help you learn what I have learned, that for the right person and the right lawn, a robotic mower can be a fantastic investment. They can improve your life and the look of your lawn. I am an evangelist for robotics in general, spreading the news and helping others make the right choices. There is no reason to buy before the results will be truly satisfying for you. For many, that time is now.

Call me anytime, daytime, nighttime, weekends, anytime. If I'm awake I'll answer, and if I'm not you can leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as I can. As a work-at-home "Software Engineer", I often work very strange hours, so please be forgiving.  If you leave a message, let me know when is the best time of day to reach you.

I hope you find my website helpful and informative. If you have questions, call me! I'd be glad to answer all your questions and take the time to make sure you will be a happy robot owner.

Should a robots be mowing your yard? Now is not the right time for every person or every yard, so make sure your a good candidate before dropping the big bucks. If you value my assistance, I ask that you donate to another site I developed called RememberedByUs.com, but there is no obligation when you call, or ever for that matter, I'm just glad to help!!! Something for nothing, you don't see that everyday.


Call (913) 685-2700 for answers to all your questions



Why Buy a Robotic Mower?

Modern life is filled with mundane, repetitive and time consuming duties. Fortunately, we keep finding better ways to save time and perform these tasks more efficiently and effectively. With each innovation comes quick adoption and finally wide-spread and nearly universal use of these fantastic time saving products. Interestingly enough, not only do they save time, but they also do a better, more consistent job then when we did these duties by hand.

  • 1908 First Electric Washing Machine
  • 1919 First Combustion Lawn Mower
  • 1950 First Electric Home Dishwasher
  • 1962 First Electric Lawn Irrigation System
  • 1965 First Microwave Oven for the Home

In almost every case, it cost more to use these tools than to do the job the old fashion way, yet they caught on because time is money! How many of these modern marvels do you own? It is likely that you own at least three or more. The investment in each of these was a wise one. In the end, the time and effort saved more than justified the initial expense.

  • 1999 The RL500 Robomower Automatic Lawn Mowing System

Now we stand at the dawn of a new revolution. Soon the loud, highly polluting, manually operated combustion powered lawn mower that was first introduced in 1919 will be forever a thing of history, seen only in museums. No longer will we mow our own grass, instead it will be mowed at night, while we sleep, the entire season without manual assistance. Soon lawns across the world will be maintained automatically and effortlessly.

Every day more lawns are being cut automatically. The age of the automatic lawn mowing system has arrived! Today we can take the step forward and experience quiet, pollution free, environmentally friendly and nearly effortless lawn care.

Call (913) 685-2700 now. We are a family owned business and we are glad to take your calls and help any way that I can. Call me anytime, nights, weekends, holidays, if it's a good time for you, then it's a good time for me.

We know that the RL1000 isn't cheap; at around two thousand dollars installed, this is an investment in the future, an investment in your time. Imagine how having an automatic lawn mowing system installed raises the value and salability of your home!

Why haven't you called yet? There is no obligation. So what reason do you have not to call and get the answer you need to decide today? Here are some of the reasons that we have heard...

  • Mowing is my only exercise.
    Hog wash, mowing isn't exercise, it's just a reason to sweat! It doesn't raise your heart rate into the target zone needed for aerobic benefits and the total distance walked is about equivalent to a very slow walk half way around the block once a week. If you want exercise, then get an RL1000 and use your extra time to take a brisk walk around the block and do your heart and body some real good.

  • I like to mow the lawn.
    Ok, if you say so. Don't you really mean that you love to know that your lawn always looks nice and that you have pride in your lawn? Well, my friend, nothing will feed your pride more than a lawn that is always manicured, always beautifully cut, healthy and the pride of the neighborhood. And imagine the interest from the neighbors as they see your lawn always perfect and can watch it being manicured by your robotic assistant. Your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.

  • I'll wait to see if it works in other yards first.
    The Robomower was invented in 1995 and the first commercial versions become available in 1999, the RL500. From that time, improvements in both the software and hardware used to build and operate the Robomower have been being made. We are now seven generations beyond the RL500 and several different companies join the revolution! Robotic lawn mowers are state of the art robots, sturdy, powerful and efficient machines ready for home use today. It is not a new fangled gadget, but a sound, reliable, proven, hard working, time saving machine.

So don't wait any longer. Start saving time today, stop polluting today, start giving your lawn the care it deserves right now!
Call and I'll work to answer all your questions.

I will NOT try to sell you on buying anything!!!
To steal a line from FOX News, I'll inform, you decide.


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